Incense holder for cones and sticks made of ceramic and resembles Runcato, the amazonian revolutionary of the XVIII century . Price includes international shipping.

Around 1740, a series of indigenous rebellions shook up the Peruvian countryside. Famously, Jose Santos Atahualpa began his revolution in 1745 in the mountainous jungles between the Amazon and the Andes and in Tarma. Soon after in 1766, in the very heart of the Amazonian rain forest a Shetebo Indian named Runcato arose to push the Spanish and the Catholic Franciscans from his homeland. Although there is no evidence suggesting that the two rebellions were directly related, it is probable that Runcato would have heard of his predecessor from within the region of Ucayali.

Backtracking a step, we know that 5 years before his uprising began, Runcato had already made friendly contact with the Franciscan Order in his region. It was almost universally the case that the original rebels and revolutionaries of the time were found among those members of the indigenous population who were in contact and communication with the Spanish Catholic colonists. Runcato was no exception.

Runcato mobilized and unified the Shetebo, Shipibo, and Conibo Indians, three tribes that had previously been in constant conflict with one another. Later, the three tribes were fused into the Shipibo-Conibo of today.

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