The chumpi or Kuyas are known as healing stones and have been used for centuries by shamans and Q'ero healers of the Andes in rites for initiating and transmitting lineage , as well as to connect to the sacred mountains known as Apus. The Qéros are connected with the Inkas and live in five Ayllus in the high mountains of Cuzco – Perú : Hatun Q’ero, Q’ero Totorani, Japu, Quico and Marcachea. They still practice several of the religious ceremonies used during the Inkas existence.

These healing stones are made of a very hard stone called meteorite, they are connected to the sacred mountains of Peru, taking the power of the Apus into the stones.
The chumpis or Khuyas work in the energetic points of our body "chakras" .
The names of our main sacred mountains are:

7 Points = Chakra of the Crown ( Apu Machupicchu )
6 Points = Chakra of the Third eye ( Apu Wakaywillka )
5 Points = Chakra of the Throat ( Apu Saqsaywaman )
4 Points = Chakra of the Heart ( Apu Wuanakaury )
3 Points = chakra of the solar plexus ( Apu Pachatusan )
2 Puntos = Chakra Sacrum ( Apu Salkantay )
1 Punto = Chakra Roots of our column ( Apu Ausangate )

People who work with and make Khuyas or chumpis are called Chumpi paqos. Seven stones set , it comes with a beaded tie (watana) and a Qéro nation`s ceremonial piece of textile. With shipping incuded.

  • Chumpi Stones set - Meteorite
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